La Tomatina

La Tomatina en Buñol, España


In our book we read the brief Fondo Cultural about what happens at La Tomatina in Buñol, España each year. Now we are going to learn a little bit more about the history of this messy festival. What kinds of festivals have you been to lately? Do you know the history behind them? What are some local, state, and national festivals? What is your favorite festival? Why?

La Historia

Now we are going to visit the official website of La Tomatina. First we are going to learn about the history behind the festival. Read the historical background and then answer the questions that are below the link. To go to the website, click on the image of the tomato. Then click on the "History" tab on the "Menu."


a.) In what year does the festival have its origins?
b.) How did the festival first come about?
c.) What happened during the next few years?
d.) Why are the years 1955, 1957 and 1980 important?

Las Reglas

Under the "Recommendations" section, you will find the rules for La Tomatina.

e.) Which rule do you find to be most interesting or important? Why do you think it is the most interesting or important?

Consejos Prácticos

Now go to the "Practical Tips" section on the "Menu" and respond to the following questions.

f.) What are the translation errors that form part of the list?
g.) Name one thing you should do and one thing you should not do.

¡Vamos a Buñol!

Now that you know a little bit more about La Tomatina, and I am sure you would love to participate in the festival, let's plan a class trip to Buñol for La Tomatina. In order to go to the festival, we need to plan ahead. Find out the following information. Some of the information you are looking for can be found on the official website of La Tomatina. ¡Ojo! We are going to spend a week in Spain.

Official Website of La Tomatina
1.) Where in Spain is the city of Buñol located? (Hint: Spain is divided into autonomous communities, which one is Buñol in?)
2.) How much is an airplane ticket? (Think about when La Tomatina is held.) Which airline did you choose? Why?
3.) Where can we stay? How much does it cost?
4. ) What else can we see in Buñol?

Para Pensar

Would you like to participate in La Tomatina? Why?