Escribir: Look at the slides of the houses which are found below. Choose one of the three slides to describe using español. You may use vocabulary from Capítulo 6B (our current chapter), Capítulo 6A, and from our previous chapters. However, you must include some vocabulary from our current chapter. When describing the house you might want to include information such as what rooms are in the house, how many of each type of room there is, what is inside some of the rooms, what floor the rooms are found on, where the rooms are located in relation to each other, where things are located, etc. You should describe the house in a paragraph of at least 5 sentences.


Casa #1

Casa #2

Casa #3

VENDO MI CASA CANTANDOHere you will find the video for the "Vendo mi casa cantando" activity. There is also a copy of the activity packet.