Los romanos y el acueducto de Segovia

Acueducto romano en Segovia, España


In our text, we read the brief Fondo Cultural about the Roman influence in Spain. Now we are going to learn a little bit more about the Roman Empire in Spain and its influences on daily life. Then we are going to take a closer look at one of their engineering achievements, el acueducto. What do you think an acueducto might be in English? Not sure, look at the picture above to try and help you. Based on what you learned in social studies, what do you know about the Roman Empire? Can you name a modern day country, other than Spain, that once formed part of the Roman Empire? Work with your partner to write down what you already know about the Roman Empire.

Primer Paso
Click on the map of Hispania below which will take you to a website with information. Read through the information and answer the questions that follow below.


1.) What is the meseta central?
2.) What was the name of the Roman province in Central Spain?
3.) Until what century did Central Spain remain under Roman rule?
4.) What group took control after the Romans?

1.) What did the Romans do in order to aid communication and aid the movement of troops and supplies?

1.) What types of entertainment did the Romans influence? Where were they held?

1.) What types of baths did the pre-Roman inhabitants take?
2.) What types of baths did the Romans have?
3.) How far back do the baths date back to?

1.) Describe the forum. What was its purpose? What did people do there? (You do not need to list its measurements).

Segundo Paso
Now that you know a little bit more about the Roman Empire in Spain and its influences, you are going to watch a video about the city of Segovia and the Roman acueducto. Were you able to guess that an acueducto is an aqueduct. Not sure what an aqueduct is? Think about the base word from Latin, aqua. What word does it sound like in Spanish? Still not sure, watch the video to find out. Answer the following questions as you watch the video. You may need to watch the video more than once.

1.) Where is Segovia located?
2.) The aqueduct dates back to when?
3.) The aqueduct is how many meters long and how many meters high?
4.) How many arches are there?
5.) How many granite blocks were used in the construction?
6.) What was the purpose, or what was the aqueduct used for?
7.) The aqueduct was used up until when?
8.) How was it held together?
9.) How wide is the channel on the top?
10.) The aqueduct was used for approximately how many years?

Después de navegar

Watch the video below which shows more Roman engineering feats in the city of Mérida, Spain. Then write about your impressions about the video. In the video you see a Roman bridge, wall, exhibits from the Roman Museum, amphitheater and theater, Roman roads, and several mosaics among other things.